My 365 Project

I have never been one to like my picture taken. I've always been the one behind the camera. My mom passed away ten years ago and I have very few photos of her. Only a handful of photos of my youth exist. I have my memories and no one can ever take that but for my kids, I want lots and lots of photos. My husband laughs at me sometimes because I take so many pictures of the kids. I don't want to miss a single milestone. They grow up too fast and if you're not careful you'll miss something important. My friend Girl is an amazing photographer and she did a 365 project last year. She's an artist and was very creative with her pictures. It was inspiring to watch her from afar and admire her work. She inspired me to take photos of myself with my children. It is going to be really hard and often times very boring but I WILL take one picture a day for the next year. I WILL do this for my children. I'm not an artist but a picture a day with one of my beautiful children should be a doable task. Wish me luck!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Corn on the Cob

She's never been much for puree's. She's more of table food kind of girl. Tonight while we were eating she kept getting excited and grunting every time she saw someone with the corn on the cob. I finally decided to let her give it a whirl. She doesn't have any teeth so she can't really bite it but wheres the harm in letting her suck on the cob and enjoy that wonderful sweetness? She loved it! She gnawed on that cob until she sucked all of the pure sweetness out and then she was happy! :)

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