My 365 Project

I have never been one to like my picture taken. I've always been the one behind the camera. My mom passed away ten years ago and I have very few photos of her. Only a handful of photos of my youth exist. I have my memories and no one can ever take that but for my kids, I want lots and lots of photos. My husband laughs at me sometimes because I take so many pictures of the kids. I don't want to miss a single milestone. They grow up too fast and if you're not careful you'll miss something important. My friend Girl is an amazing photographer and she did a 365 project last year. She's an artist and was very creative with her pictures. It was inspiring to watch her from afar and admire her work. She inspired me to take photos of myself with my children. It is going to be really hard and often times very boring but I WILL take one picture a day for the next year. I WILL do this for my children. I'm not an artist but a picture a day with one of my beautiful children should be a doable task. Wish me luck!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Building Robots

Sister and I built castles and robots with our building blocks. She loves to play with the building blocks but really enjoy it when she has someone building things with her. She tells me which block to use next and we build all sorts of cool things. She couldn't wait to show off our cool robots but when Bubba got the camera out she refused to look.

Enough with the Drum

If there ever were a mommy girl, Thumper is one. She plays fine by herself until she sees her mommy and then she just can't help herself, she's gotta hang onto me. I sat in the floor to play the drums with her and she just couldn't stay away. At times, it's very flattering and I treasure it, but other times I wish that she would not be quite so clingy. I try to enjoy it because I know it won't always be this way.

Second Place

So proud of my boy!! The Nac Nitro got 2nd place in their first tournament of the new season. They played well and came home with a trophy. I'm so proud of my boy!!!

Coaching From the Stands

Once a coach, always a coach. Once you've been on that field and coached it's hard to completely step back and let it go, especially when you know your kid and his abilities better than anyone. No matter how good the coach is, he still doesn't know your kid like you do. I know when he's doing something wrong and how to easily correct it. I can just say one or two words and he knows exactly what I'm talking about. I'm so blessed with such an awesome kid!!!

Kisses Turned Into Giggles

Those sweet night time kisses very often turn into giggles. It's funny how girls, even at the infant stage, can be so giggly. Those night time giggles are awesome!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Hanging Out at the Ponds

Thumper and I had to drive the truck today while Daddy and Bubba seined. Sister was a big help too. The Snugli is not very comfortable at all, especially since Thumper has gotten so big. I have a Moby and I truly love that thing but didn't think about using it until it was too late. The boys caught the fish they needed and the girls and I stayed bundled up. All in all, it was a good and productive day!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Corn on the Cob

She's never been much for puree's. She's more of table food kind of girl. Tonight while we were eating she kept getting excited and grunting every time she saw someone with the corn on the cob. I finally decided to let her give it a whirl. She doesn't have any teeth so she can't really bite it but wheres the harm in letting her suck on the cob and enjoy that wonderful sweetness? She loved it! She gnawed on that cob until she sucked all of the pure sweetness out and then she was happy! :)

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Standing Alone

Milestones are so bittersweet. It's so exciting watching her hit each and every milestone. She's learning and growing so fast. On one hand, it's amazing, but on the other hand, it makes me sad. My baby isn't such a baby anymore, she's growing up. I already miss her being an infant. It is so important to me to hang on to every memory and every step of her journey. Before I know it she'll be walking and talking.

Couch Potatoes

It's very rare that she gets still long enough to enjoy couch time but tonight she was game for a little while. Nothing like sweet baby snuggles while watching the news.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Her Computer

She sees mommy and Bubba on the computer all the time and she always wants to join in on the fun. She's helped herself to my computer more times than I can count. For Christmas we bought her a pink computer of her very own. She loves it and plays with it all the time but it hasn't kept those little fingers from mommy's computer. :)

Pink Tractor Ride

She's getting so big so fast. She loves to be pushed around on the pink tractor. It's kinda funny, when you stop, she turns around and looks at you as if to say, "Get to pushin'!" It's so much fun watching them grow and learn.

Good Night Giggles

Good night kisses turn into good night giggles. When she gets really tired and sleepy she gets really silly. Those smiles and giggles are worth a million bucks!

Lego Time

Building lego castles with my girls is so much fun. Sister enjoys building things and Thumper loves trying to eat the blocks, lol.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Attacked by Kisses

What's better than being attacked by baby kisses? She's definitely like her brother and sister, the later it gets, the sillier she gets. I was getting ready to put her jammies on her and settle down for the night when she started her attack. She got the giggles and we had a little mommy and Thumper play time. It was great!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Let it SNOW

To get snow twice in a year is simply amazing but to get snow twice in a MONTH is absolutely unheard of. I hate the winter and I hate to be cold but THIS is amazing and I am so thankful for the beautiful snow. Bubba and I just couldn't help ourselves, we had to get out in it even if it is almost midnight. Thank you Jesus!!!

Kiddy Kitchen

After a cold evening at the track, Sister and I had to come home and make hot chocolate in HER kitchen. Times like these are for the memory books.

Sit Ups

Papaw and MeMe got him a weight bench for Christmas and he's all about working out now. Here, I'm holding his feet while he works those abs! He's doing really good so far but we'll see how long it takes before that weight bench starts collecting dust.

Ring Around the Rosies

Another nice warm day to go out and play. Sister loves to play ring around the rosies on the trampoline. She's been playing on the trampoline since before she could walk. We bought it for Bubba on his 3rd birthday and it's been through two hurricanes. We definitely got our moneys worth out of it.

Her first sparkler

It was entirely too cold on New Years to get out and pop fireworks. Even with a bonfire it would have been too cold and nasty to have the kids out. Hubs decided since we had a little better weather we'd build a fire and let the kids do some sparklers and roman candles. They had a blast!

Miss Hollywood

Finally, a warm day to go out and play. It was so nice to finally get outside and enjoy the beautiful sunshine. It didn't last long but at least we got our daily dose of vitamin D. :-)

Bad Day

My sweet girl had a really bad day. A trip to the Dr. and a not so good outcome put her in a really bad mood. She just needed some mommy snuggles to make it all better.

Study time

Trying to help my boy study for a test but two little girls were sure making it difficult.

Sleeping kisses

I almost forgot about my 365 and snapped this one while my princess was sleeping.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

His hands are huge

What has happened to my little boy? He's growing up so fast! His hands are huge, they are bigger than mine now. Don't even get me started about his feet. I love watching him grow but it's so bittersweet. I miss him being little and shudder to think that he'll soon be a teenager. Time really does fly!

Hanging out

Just hanging out with my girlies, watching cartoons! I love those girls!


Wow!! LOTS of snow today! We woke up this morning with about 6 inches on the ground. I'm 35 years old and this is the most that I can ever remember it snowing here at home. It was BEAUTIFUL! Sister had so much fun helping me build a snowman. She loved for mommy to build it so that she could knock it down.

Wagon ride in the snow

Snow is not a common thing here. We may see a few flakes here and there but almost never enough to actually play in. The first sight of real snow and we had to get everyone bundled up and get out in it. Thumper wasn't too into it, she's still too little but Sister had a blast!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Pony Riding

Baby girl isn't quite sure if she likes the pony or not. She always makes the funniest faces when I put her on it. Then when I take her off of it she looks at it and babbles like she's talking to it. I'd give anything if I knew what she was saying.

Let's Slide

Oh how she loves to slide! She's getting pretty good at it too. I can set her at the top of the slide and let go and she'll push herself off. It's so cute and she gets so excited, almost like she's proud of herself. It's hard to believe that she is already seven months old. It seems like only yesterday she was still in my belly.

Sleeping at the Game

We went to cheer on Bubba at his last basketball game of the season. It was ugly! They got beat by over 30 points. We don't have a great coach. We also lack talent but the coach, he's too soft. Thumper, well she had all of the ballgame that she could handle. She took her a little nap and was ready to go when the game was over.


My girl loves her puffy snacks. I'm not even sure what you call them, you know, the ones that melt in their mouth. She could eat an entire container of those I think.

Movie Night

Movie night with my sweet boy. He got to pick the movie and he chose a classic. Friday the 13th Uncut. I know it's a horror movie and a bit gory but it is really mild compared to the horror films today. I hadn't seen it since I was about his age so it was almost like watching it for the first time. Good movie, enjoyed spending time with my boy!

Taming the Tangles

We had to comb out all of the tangles after bath time. Her hair is so thin and fine that it just mats up and if you don't get those tangles out in a hurry, you'll have a big mess. She loves to have her hair brushed. She's not always still but she like it.


She's all about letters these days. She doesn't know all of them yet but she recognizes most. She has to point them out on my shirt and talk about each one. Anything to keep from getting ready for bed. It's so awesome watching her grow into a little girl.

Our Time

Bubba and I got a little alone time after the girls went to sleep. Now that I have two babies it is hard to find time to spend with just my boy. He's an amazing kid and he rarely complains but he deserves more alone time with his mommy and I'm really trying to make that happen for him.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Bubbles, bubbles, bubbles! I don't typically give the girls a "bubble" bath but they both had a little congestion going on so I filled the tub with vapor bath. Thumper had never really had a "bubble" bath and she absolutely loved it. It was really difficult though because she was so excited that she couldn't stay still. I had to keep my hands on her because she kept flipping over in the water. She's mobile now and I can't contain her. Sister, well she's always loved a good bubble bath. Keeping her from jumping and splashing is a chore. Bath time with my girlies is so much fun!!!

Monday, February 1, 2010


It's a bird, it's a plane, it's Thumper!! She loves to play airplane. She laughs and giggles the entire time. Just be careful and keep a look out for falling drool, if your not careful it'll put you're eye out, lol.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Playing Referee

Sister is at the age where she thinks that EVERYTHING is hers. Thumper can't touch anything without Sister telling her NO! Sometimes she will take something away and give something else in it's place. The gesture is nice but she has to learn to share and not be so bossy with her sister. One of these days Thumper is gonna get big enough to defend herself and the fight will be on.

Bedtime Snuggles

I love those last few snuggles before putting her to bed. She's such a mommy's girl and I love it. Sometimes I wish she weren't so attached to me but for the most part, it's pretty dang awesome. She's my last baby and I am trying really hard to enjoy every single moment. They are not babies long enough. Time goes by too fast!

Cleaning those pearly whites

She's so independent these days. She wants to do every thing herself. Some times this can be a good thing, other times, well it's not so good. I brush her teeth first and then she does it after I do. That way, we both win!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Cooking 101

She's always wanting to help. She loves to be in the kitchen and help "shake" things. That's her way of saying "stir." Tonight she was helping with the spaghetti sauce. She got a little tickled when Bubba asked us to look at the camera. She can be such a silly girl. I get a little aggravated at her some times when she's trying to "help" but I know that one of these days she'll no longer want to. Sometimes, we take the little things for granted. I'm trying not to do that so much these days. Time goes by way too quickly!

Sick Mommy

Still not feeling well and just didn't have the energy to do much of anything tonight. Hoping that the pukies leave this household soon.


Lame and kinda out of focus but it's all this momma had today. Bubba has the pukies and mommy has a tummy ache so all we got to show today is our tootsies. Hard to believe my boys feet are bigger than mine now.

Story Time

Story time with the girls can be very challenging. Sister loves to hear the story and actually tell me what I'm reading but Thumper, well she likes to try and eat the book. Sister doesn't like it much when Thumper tries to eat her books, lol. There are lots of NO and STOP being said. Sometimes we have to give Thumper her own book and it distracts her enough to let Sister and I make it through a few pages. Fun Times!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Shoulder Massage

My boy gives the best shoulder massage ever!! He's been massaging my shoulders since he was about two years old. If I'm really tense or have a headache, all I have to do is call on my Bubba to give me a good shoulder massage. He's got big strong hands and really helps his momma out. I love that boy!

Sunday, January 24, 2010


Nothing like playing a little Yahtzee with my boy. Thumper wanted to get her hands on the dice so bad. Bubba and I don't get enough time like this together anymore. When we do, it's loads of fun!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Trampoline days

The girls and I have finally been able to get outside and enjoy the sunshine here the last couple of days. Thumper is really liking the trampoline and Sister has always been a big fan. I have the best job in the world, being full time mommy!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Little Cheerleader

My little cheerleader had so much fun at the games tonight. She sang, she danced, she entertained! She loves to cheer for the Bearkats, especially her Bubba. She had fun playing with Kyndal and Hallie too. Those three girls giggled and screamed the entire 3 hours that we were there. I love my little cheerleader!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Giggling Girlies

Silly girls both had the giggles. They are really starting to enjoy bath time together. I am sure that there will be many more bath time giggles in the next few years. Raising two girls so close in age is going to be so much fun!

Butterfly kisses

There is nothing like sweet butterfly kisses from my sweet girl. I love that girl! She's high strung and has a mind of her own. Keeping up with her, well it keeps me on my toes. There are often times where I just want to pull my hair out from trying to deal with her but in the end, those sweet hugs and kisses make it all better. She's so loving and can be the sweetest thing ever. I'm so thankful for her and her butterfly kisses!!!